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Coronavirus COVID-19 antibody test

Find out if you've had COVID-19 with our certified antibody test.

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Take control of your health with a clear picture of your current health status.

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Our nurses deliver the best care

Unlike other providers, we have a team of friendly nurses on hand to take your samples for you – all from the comfort of your own home. This means you don't have to stress about drawing your own blood using finicky home testing kits.

World-class laboratory

Your samples will be taken by our nurse and processed quickly at our highly-accredited laboratory. An automated process, anonymised patient IDs and cutting-edge technology ensure you receive your results fast.

Understand your results

All results are reviewed by a Medicspot private doctor. You’ll receive a personalised report within days of having your samples collected. If required, you can book an appointment with one of our doctors at your nearest clinic.

Tired all the time?

Understand what's causing your tiredness and feel more rested throughout the day.

Fatigue Test

Stomach troubles?

Coeliac disease affects around 1% of the UK population and is often mistaken for IBS.

Gluten Sensitivity Test

Can't stop sneezing?

Our professional allergy test detects 10 of the most common allergens.

Allergy Detection Test

Home nurse visit

Our team of private nurses will take your samples for you.

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