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“Received my negative fit to fly test straight away early morning the next day!! Thank you for the superfast results before my flight.”
by Priti

Leaving the UK

Fit to Fly Test

RequiredYou will not be able to board your flight without proof of a negative result.

Mandatory for most flights leaving the UK. To be performed before boarding a departing flight from the UK. Collect from 90+ pick-up points or delivery.

Entering the UK

Day 2 and 8 Tests

RequiredIf you do not take the day-2 and day-8 tests, you may face a penalty of up to £2,000.

Mandatory for all flights arriving in the UK. You will need to perform two PCR tests on the second and eighth day of arrival in the UK.

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Test to Release

RecommendedYou could be fined up to £10,000 if you break quarantine rules.

Government scheme to shorten your quarantine period. This is a PCR test to be performed on the fifth day of your arrival in the UK.

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Travel without disruption

We know it can seem daunting proving you’re fit to fly.

That’s why our team of experts created stress-free fit to fly packages, so you can look forward to your travels ahead. We provide you with everything you need, including clear instructions on when and how to take your swab and send it back to our lab.

If you need some extra assistance along the way, our fit to fly experts are on hand to help via live chat.

“Highly recommend!!! I chose Medicspot for my Covid-19 PCR test and fit to fly certificate. The process was easy and fast. I had my test results within 24 hours.”
by Greek
“Received my negative fit to fly test straight away early morning the next day!! Thank you for the superfast results before my flight.”
by Priti
“Seamless service and I would highly recommend it. Dropped my test off at 11.30am, results and fit to fly certificate back the next day at 4.30pm. Thank you Medicspot.”
by Grace

We've helped thousands fly to 63 countries across the globe

Including China, Thailand, Cyprus, Dubai, South Africa, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Spain, Greece and Germany.

“I submitted my Covid-19 sample for an RT-PCR test to get a fit to fly certificate. I got the results back in 14 hours … Thank you all at the Medicspot team for the great service!”
by Stathis
“I’ve used the fit to fly Covid-19 test service twice now and it’s been really easy and efficient both times. Really straightforward and much cheaper than others. Results came back in well under 24 hours.”
by Kate
“What a fantastic service! I got my results back within 24hrs which was a bonus, and it's really easy to do. I like that they keep you informed and up to date with your test, when it arrives at the lab etc. So impressed, thank you!”
by Latisha

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