Covid-19 PCR Test (Wholesale)

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Covid-19 PCR Test
Doctor-Signed Certificate
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Pharmacies in England can use Medicspot's free template to self-declare to DHSC to sell Covid-19 tests.

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Included for free

Digital Marketing Pack

Free digital marketing pack included with your order with everything you need to sell your kits. Includes assets for social media, digital displays and a sales toolkit for your staff.

Travel Planner

Your customers have access to an interactive travel planner so they can find out when they need to complete their swab by to meet their airline requirements.

Customer Support

Give your customers instant access to our knowledgable customer support team with live chat – so you can focus on selling and leave the after-sales service to us.

How we compare

60+ nationwide drop-off points
Royal Mail return from receipt
Nationwide next-day results
Number of labs
UKAS accredited (ISO 15189 and ISO17025)
Travel Planner + Digital Marketing Pack
Customer service taken care of
Doctor-signed certificate
Results taken care of
Free doctor consultation if positive
Fast-track service
Royal Mail return
Speed of results
Number of labs
Lab type
Sales support
Customer support
Result certificate
Result process
Positive cases
London-only drop off points
24–48 hours from receipt
24–48 hours (London only)
You are responsible
Result only
You are responsible
You are responsible
60+ nationwide drop-off points
24 hours from receipt
Nationwide next-day results
UKAS accredited (ISO 15189 and ISO17025)
Travel Planner + Digital Marketing Pack
We take care of all customer service
Doctor-signed certificate
We take care of results
Free doctor consultation and PHE informed
Your customers get expedited next day results
Your customers can return with Royal Mail
Faster results and more choice
Reliable service even if there is a lab failure
Accepted by all major airlines
Medicspot makes it easier for you to sell
Save time and money
Accepted by all major airlines
You don't need to worry about results
You don't need to worry about positive cases

How it works

Sell your tests at a profit

Buy your tests with your wholesale discount then choose how much you want to markup

Customer performs sample

They can drop off their sample at a Medicspot hub or use the Royal Mail return label

Fast results and certificate

Customers are emailed their certificate 24 hours after the lab receives their sample

Don't just take our word for it

“Covid-19 testing has helped fill the void left by travel vaccines and has exceeded expected profits. I expect that when restrictions relax, we will see a big upturn in Covid testing demand.”
Shahzad Aziz, Owner at Newington Pharmacy
“Medicspot has made it easy to sell Covid testing to our customers and grow our business. We’re very happy with the service provided. Our customers are very happy with the speed and reliability of the testing service.”
Chenyang, Store Manager at Optipharm Pharmacy

Frequently asked questions

Got a question we haven't answered here?

Our expert wholesale team is happy to help answer your questions.

Talk to sales

Our tests are suitable for asymptomatic employees who need to be tested before returning to work.

This test is not suitable for the Test to Release programme because of the strict rules surrounding when tests can be sold to customers.

Covid-19 is a communicable (infectious) disease and can be passed onto other people even more easily when in confined spaces (such as planes). It is imperative that you follow medical guidance to ensure that you don't pass the virus onto others when travelling or returning back. This is still the case if you have been vaccinated - especially due to the emergence of new variants

Air travel, in particular, can be dangerous when suffering from a respiratory illness such as Covid-19 because of the drop in oxygen that occurs at altitude. It is imperative that you don't have any symptoms of a respiratory infection before you fly. You will be asked a series of questions upon registering your kit to ensure you are not suffering from any of these type of symptoms.

This test is not suitable for day 2 and 8 testing because of the strict rules surrounding when tests can be sold to customers.

Tens of thousands of customers have travelled after using a Medicspot Covid test. Our tests are suitable for 72 and 96 hour time window requirements, depending on the flight date. We email the customer a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate free of charge if they test negative for coronavirus.

We recommend customers purchase their test as soon as possible to guarantee they have their test in advance. After ordering, our test kits can be used within 90 days.

No, your pharmacy does not need to be CQC accredited to sell Covid-19 test kits. Medicspot is accredited by the CQC and uses UKAS accredited labs. Medicspot is also Government approved and on the Department of Health and Social Care and UKAS framework.

The government says: We do not yet know whether [the vaccine] will stop you from catching and passing on the virus. Until there is more information on whether or not you can be a carrier after getting vaccinated, Covid-19 PCR testing remains the gold standard for international travel.

Customers will perform their sample using a gentle and non-invasive swab. Clear instructions on how to take their swab will be provided in their test kit.

Customers must register their kit before returning it to the lab. If they need further assistance, they can chat with our customer service team by visiting

Your customers can drop off their completed sample at their nearest Medicspot Test Hub or at a Royal Mail priority post box using the free return label included in the kit.

Negative – The customer does not have any evidence of an active infection.

Positive – The Covid-19 virus has been detected. The customer will not be able to travel and we will inform NHS Public Health about their positive result.

Inconclusive/Needs Repeated – Very infrequently, the customer’s swab result will need to be repeated. This is often due to poor sample taking technique. They will need to purchase another swab kit.

Our Covid Test Hubs are the fastest way for your customers to get Covid-19 test results and a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate with Medicspot.

Our unmatched efficiency allows your customers to get their certificate 24 hours after the lab receives their sample, allowing them to meet 72 and 96 hour time window requirements, depending on their flight date. Read more about our turnaround times.

Yes, there is no age limit on tests. However, performing a swab on a young child may be challenging. Parents should only perform a swab on a young child if they feel comfortable doing so.

Yes, the pharmacy can allow usage of the consulting room/bathroom for patients to take their own swabs. However, it has to be self-swab rather than pharmacies administering swabs as this is not a private service offering.

It is important that you check with your insurer if you are covered for this service. If you have indemnity insurance with NPA Insurance and you are in England, Scotland and Wales you can read the latest update here.

Where an individual purchases our COVID Swab Test, this provides them with the test kit; analysis of the sample by a UKAS regulated (accredited/applicant) laboratory; and a review of the test results by a qualified GP. The above represents a provision of healthcare to an individual, which we believe is exempt from VAT. In light of this, we do not charge VAT to an individual who purchases a test directly from us and we do not charge VAT where we sell the COVID Swab Test to a pharmacy/retailer for onward sale.

Where one of our COVID Swab Test is sold by a pharmacy/retailer to an individual, as the individual is receiving exactly the same service as they would receive had they purchased the test directly from us, we consider that your sale to an individual will similarly be exempt from VAT in light with our own practice. However, you (the pharmacy/retailer) are fully responsible for ensuring that you apply VAT correctly to these goods and services.

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