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What do you need your test for?
A Covid fit to fly test is perfect before air travel so you can travel safely. You will receive a doctor-signed Fit to Fly certificate if you test negative.
Test to Release is a government programme allowing you to reduce your self-isolation period after returning to England.
This is important to reduce the transmission of the disease to your community.

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After placing your order, your Covid-19 PCR test kit will be available to collect at Curapharm Chemist in London.

Simply perform the swab test and drop it back it off at Curapharm Chemist by 2pm today (subject to opening hours) to receive your results and doctor-signed fit to fly certificate tomorrow by 11:59pm.


Curapharm Chemist, 154 Greenford Rd, Sudbury Hill, London, HA1 3QS, United Kingdom.

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We've helped thousands fly to 63 countries across the globe

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“Seamless service and I would highly recommend it. Dropped my test off at 11.30am, results and fit to fly certificate back the next day at 4.30pm. Thank you Medicspot.”
by Kate
“What a fantastic service! I got my results back within 24hrs which was a bonus, and it's really easy to do. I like that they keep you informed and up to date with your test, when it arrives at the lab etc. So impressed, thank you!”
by Latisha
“I’ve used the fit to fly Covid-19 test service twice now and it’s been really easy and efficient both times. Really straightforward and much cheaper than others. Results came back in well under 24 hours.”
by Grace

Frequently asked questions

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Our expert fit to fly team are happy to help answer your questions via live chat.

Please do not contact the pharmacy directly as they are unable to help.

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Unlike other test providers, Medicspot’s Test Hub service does not rely on the Royal Mail to transport your swab sample to the lab. Our same-day medical courier network ensures that your sample reaches the lab on the same day to generate results as soon as possible.

Royal Mail returned samples are not recommended as there are often significant delays in getting your sample back to the lab through the postal system – even more so at weekends. This leads to inevitable delays in receiving results, particularly if you require them in quick time frames such as 72 or 96 hours.

Covid-19 is a communicable (infectious) disease and can be passed onto other people even more easily when in confined spaces (such as planes). It is imperative that you follow medical guidance to ensure that you don't pass the virus onto others when travelling or returning back. This is still the case if you have been vaccinated - especially due to the emergence of new variants

Air travel, in particular, can be dangerous when suffering from a respiratory illness such as Covid-19 because of the drop in oxygen that occurs at altitude. It is imperative that you don't have any symptoms of a respiratory infection before you fly. You will be asked a series of questions upon registering your kit to ensure you are not suffering from any of these type of symptoms.

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to reserve your test.

After ordering, we will instantly reserve your test kit, ready for you to collect within 90 days at Curapharm Chemist in London.

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To receive your results and fit to fly certificate tomorrow by 11:59pm, you will need to drop off your sample at Curapharm Chemist by 2pm.

Clear instructions will be provided in your kit on when you need to perform and drop off your sample by to meet your specific time window.

After ordering, your Covid-19 test kit will be available to collect immediately from Curapharm Chemist, 154 Greenford Rd, Sudbury Hill, London, HA1 3QS, United Kingdom.

We have set up a number of Covid test hubs across the UK. To find your nearest location, see our Covid hubs page.

If you would prefer to have your test kit delivered, we can deliver it to your door next day and back to our lab with our home delivery service.

You are not allowed to perform your swab inside the pharmacy. We recommend that you perform the swab at home or in a safe place like your car.

This test is a medically led diagnostic test to inform you whether you are currently infected with Covid-19. At the registration stage of the process (after you have purchased and have your test kit in hand), you can decide to be sent your results via email with a free doctor-signed certificate.

This Covid-19 PCR test is accepted by all major airlines and suitable for all 72 and 96 hour time windows and flights.

For rapid results, simply drop off your test kit at Curapharm Chemist by 2pm. You will receive your test results and doctor-signed fit to fly certificate tomorrow by 11:59pm.

Clear instructions will be provided in your kit on when you need to drop your your sample back at Curapharm Chemist to meet your specific time window requirement.

The Government publishes a list of countries for which you are unable to shorten your isolation period with the Test to Release programme. A list of these banned countries is available here.

Yes. We can also deliver your Covid-19 test kit to your door next day and back to our laboratory with our Home Delivery service.

Get Home Delivery

Our Covid test hubs are the fastest way to get your Covid-19 test results and doctor fit to fly certificate with Medicspot.

Our unmatched efficiency allows you to get your doctor certificate tomorrow by 11:59pm, allowing you to meet all 72 and 96 hour time window requirements.

A Covid-19 PCR test looks for the presence of the Covid-19 virus on a sample taken from your nose and throat; collected using a long cotton bud. Medicspot has partnered with a world-class UKAS applicant laboratories to provide this testing to ensure fast and accurate results. Our medical team then makes a diagnosis based on your symptoms and test result. Our Covid-19 PCR test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100% when performed correctly.

Your sample can be collected in a gentle and non-invasive way using the provided swab.

Clear instructions on how to take your swab will be provided in your test kit.

Covid-19 home tests, where samples are processed at home instead of a laboratory, are not clinically validated.

This is a clinically validated laboratory-based Covid-19 PCR test, processed at our UKAS applicant laboratories which is also used by the NHS.

Our swab test is self-performed by the patient (who may collect their sample at home), however, samples are sent to our UKAS applicant laboratories for analysis.

Negative – You do not have any evidence of an active infection.

Positive – The Covid-19 virus has been detected on your swab. You will not be able to travel and we will inform NHS Public Health about your positive result.

Inconclusive/Needs Repeated – Very infrequently, your swab result will need to be repeated. This is often due to poor sample taking technique. You will need to purchase another swab kit.

At the time of registering your swab, you can choose to include your passport number on your fit to fly certificate as this is required by some countries. For extra peace of mind, you can also complete a short medical questionnaire stating that you don’t have any symptoms of Covid-19; which is required by some other countries.

You will be issued a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate if you test negative for Covid-19. However, if you test negative and another member of your household tests positive, we will not be able to issue you with a fit to fly certificate as you should not travel due to guidelines. We do not issue fit to fly certificates if you test positive for Covid-19 or have any evidence of respiratory disease.

You must register your kit before returning it to the pharmacy. If you have problems registering your kit on a mobile device, please use a desktop computer. If you need further assistance, please call Medicspot’s customer service line, who can complete the form over the phone.

We guarantee you will get your COVID-19 PCR results next-day when using one of our Covid testing hubs. Our guarantee only applies if you follow all instructions including registering your kit correctly, performing your swab with the correct technique by following the instruction sheet, and dropping your kit off at a hub by 2pm. Our money-back guarantee does not apply if you do not follow all guidance and instructions provided. You will only receive a fit to fly certificate if you test negative for COVID-19.

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