Allergy Profile

Allergy Profile

Order your Allergy Profile test from Medicspot and have your samples taken from the comfort of your home.

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Test code: ALUK 


Total IgE with individual IgE allergens for: Food Mix inc. Cod, Cows Milk, Egg White, Soya Bean, Peanut, Wheat Grass Mix inc. Cocksfoot, Meadow Fescue, Meadow, Rye, Timothy Fish: Cod Cat Dander, Cladosporium Herbarum, Dog Dander, House Dust Mite, Latex

Sample requred


We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for one of our nurses to take your blood sample from the comfort of your home.

How it works

  1. Order your test online
  2. Schedule your nurse home visit
  3. Receive your results in days

Private doctor session

Your test results will be reviewed by a Medicspot private doctor at no additional cost. If you require treatment, you can book an appointment with one of our doctors at one of over 250 Medicspot locations across the UK.

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