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Service Update

The Medicspot Covid PCR service is being updated due to changes in government guidelines.

Collection of PCR Kits

If you opted to collect your PCR Kit from a Pharmacy Test Hub, you must collect it before the 15th of November 2021. If you cannot collect your PCR Kit before this date, please contact us, and we will arrange for a kit to be sent directly to you. 

Sending PCR Kits to the laboratory

If you require your results the next day by 11:59pm, you will be able to drop off your PCR Kit at our Pharmacy Test Hubs until 12pm on 30th of November 2021. After this date, PCR Kits will no longer be collected from our Pharmacy Test Hubs.

All PCR kits can be conveniently sent to the laboratory via one of 35,000+ Royal Mail Priority Postboxes. Please note that next day service cannot be guaranteed with Royal Mail. If this might affect your travel plans, please contact our team who will be happy to support you.

We are accepting returns within 60 days of purchase. Please see our Returns Policy for information on how to return your kit and receive a refund.

Kind regards,

The Medicspot team