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Covid-19 Lab Update


Further to my update yesterday, the backlog has now almost been completely cleared and the majority of results and fit to fly certificates that were dropped off on Sunday were returned before 11pm last night. We hope that an even higher percentage will be returned tonight of the ones that were dropped off yesterday (Monday).

We are not completely out of the woods yet. Whilst almost all providers of Covid-19 have suffered problems due to the newness and demand spikes; we are putting safeguards in place to mitigate against issues in the future. This includes partnering with 2 x further laboratories so your swabs can be diverted to the most appropriate laboratory. The operational complexities of providing such a rapid turnaround are challenging, but we are confident that we are well on our way to re-establishing our normal service levels.

Until we are confident that we can revert back to our normal service levels, we will continue not to take any more orders.

Despite adding more than 40 x new customer service colleagues on the phones and answering emails, you may still experience delays in getting a reply from us. Please bear with us as we clear emails we have received and help people receive their fit to fly certificates. If you have requested a refund, please allow up to 7 days before emailing in again.

For those that are dropping off kits at our Test Hub pharmacies today (Tuesday), you should receive your results back tomorrow night (Wednesday) or by early Thursday afternoon at the absolute latest.

Kind regards,

Dr Zubair Ahmed

Medicspot CEO and Co-founder



Over the weekend, our lab encountered problems with its analysis. There were significant volumes of retests which were required and many of our customers have had their test results and certificates significantly delayed.

For those of you who have had delays with results, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience you have been caused. You are in danger of missing flights and in some cases, you have missed flights. You have been unable to attend funerals, weddings or getaway for Christmas as you had planned to.

We are working closely with the lab and they are releasing results in batches. They hope to clear their backlog by this afternoon. As soon as test results are received by the lab, your certificate will be generated and sent to you. We appreciate that this may be too late on many occasions.

Our phone lines are very busy, but there is nothing we can do to speed things up. There is nothing our pharmacies can do - they have no more information than you do and we would request not to phone them as they are already busy in the run-up to Christmas and need to focus on dispensing medication and their other services such as flu jabs for at-risk groups.

We are hoping to have a normal service running by Wednesday this week with 2 x new labs. In the meantime, we are not taking any new orders for Covid-19 testing.

We are confident that our labs will have caught up by Wednesday afternoon where service will return to a normal level for all samples submitted on Wednesday receiving their results again the following day (Thursday).

If you are due to hand in your swab kit today (14th December 2020) – we would recommend requesting a refund and looking for alternative Covid-19 testing especially if you have an early flight to catch on Wednesday (flight before 5pm). These results should be available no later than 3pm on Wednesday.

For those of you who submitted swabs before 2pm to a pharmacy on Sunday 13th December, your results will be available no later than 3pm on Tuesday 15th December.

If your swab result was late or you no longer wish to make use of the service, you can request a full refund by emailing with your order number. Please allow 5-7 days for the refund to be processed.

Our call lines are very busy, but we will not be able to provide any further information than this.

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience you have faced due to external factors beyond our control.

Kind regards,

Dr Zubair Ahmed

Medicspot CEO and Co-founder